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Boulder Ventures Supports Serial Entrepreneurs and ExecutivesThroughout Their Lifecycle

A traditional venture approach includes investment funnels, teams of analysts screening hundreds of non-viable companies, portfolio returns driven by a few companies versus broadly across the portfolio, and relatively higher management uncertainty and risk.

Boulder Ventures believes all investments are ultimately made in people.

At Boulder Ventures we spend time and energy cultivating a network of serial entrepreneurs because they are the source of our investment ideas. We are constantly looking for ways to support and advise our network of serial entrepreneurs as highlighted in the testimonials below.

Bill Chambers

Lefthand Networks

about-pic1“The partnership with Boulder Ventures was a key factor in building a successful company. They were always there to help, whether it was building the syndicate, recruiting the team, or closing customers. These guys know what it takes to build a great company. I look forward to working with Boulder Ventures again.”

Tim Miller

Rally Software

about-pic2“Boulder Ventures’ Managing Partners bring sage advice and knowledge to any early stage company. As Rally has grown, Boulder Ventures has always been there by our side to support our growth and drive shareholder value. I respect and often recommend Boulder Ventures to any tech company looking for a seasoned venture capital firm. They are the leading boutique venture capital firm in Colorado.”

David Ellison

Metron Aviation

about-pic3“With Boulder Ventures at the table, I have a true committed partner helping to maximize the value of our business, from funding the earliest market opportunities to enabling sustainable growth. At the board level, experience and counsel have been invaluable in helping our management team not only achieve market leadership, but also shape the future of our industries for long-term competitive advantage.”

Steve Georgis

LineRate Systems

about-pic4“Boulder Ventures is a great partner because they sit on the same side of the table as the entrepreneur and have a patient, strategic approach to maximizing the value of the company.”

Bill Diotte


about-pic5“Boulder Ventures is a great partner and ally to have when you’re building a business – not only does their long history in venture capital enable them to ask the right real world questions, they also proactively make invaluable connections to other portfolio companies enabling your company to quickly benefit from the experience of other’s success and learning and therefore avoid potential pitfalls.”